"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson

"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson
"Sour Milk Gill" From the award winning painting series.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Dog Day Month
Here are the last few paintings done for the exhibition.
Day #28 "Chester" a 12" x 12" oilChester's owner is Christie McMahon

Day #29 "Charlie" 11" x 14" oil
Dog owner is Alex Page

Day #30 "Brodie" a 14"x11" oil
Brodie's owner Jane Crise

Day #31 "Lexus and Company" 24" x 18" oil
Dog Owner is Sandi Schulze.

Day #32 in A Dog Day Month "Maggie" 12" x12" oil
Maggie's owner is Suzanne Rose.
This is the last day of my dog day painting a day.

These next paintings have been added to the Dog Day Month show. They were done as commissions from the project. A New Day meet "Zeke". Cheryl Spran

Another day another painting. "The Snow Walk" One of the last winter walks with my Amber. It was a good one.

"Nantucket Red" The last of the dog painting series " A Dog Day Month"
It was started as a painting demo in front of a crowd at the Westend Art Festival in LaGrange and finish up at home.

This is the all of the paintings from the 32 days of work made into an invite for the show.

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