"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson

"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson
"Sour Milk Gill" From the award winning painting series.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Something Fishy Is Going On Here.

 "The Fish Market"
By James Swanson/ Traveler Linda Hanlon
16"x 20" oil on canvas

Here's the journey of this painting and learn more about it below.

Something fishy is always going on here, it's the Seattle Public market or better known as 
Pikes place.
Pike's Place in Seattle

 Old friend and Traveler Linda was there showing some out of town guests around and took a few photos of the place for me.
All photo's are from Linda's album
What Seattle is known for these days.

Traveler Linda's travel story: 
One interesting thing about these fish is that there are snapper in there....which are from the Caribbean area, not from the NW. Often, the fish are more typically NW fish.
The photo of Linda's used for making the painting.
Traveler Painting "The Fish Market"
I've been looking to paint a still life for this project for a while. I also have wanted to paint a fish and Linda's photo was able to do both for me. Here are the steps to this painting The fish Market:

Initial oil sketch on canvas. 
I wanted t paint this painting in a very fast and deliberate way. 
The use of simple strong strokes, with clean color is what I wanted to accomplish in it.

My palette of colors for the start of the painting. 
The major colors for this painting are figured out first here on the palette.
The dark colors are painted in first. 
Using a variety of warm and dark colors I try and 
establish depth for the painting.

The mid-tones are painted in next. 
There was a lot of different temperature grays I saw in the fish. 
Getting the right combination of grays was key to a successful painting.
Color is now being added at this point. 
This is where have some colors figured out ahead of the painting pays off.
 I get to paint non stop and know my colors will work together.
Painting is almost totally blocked-in.
Time to adjust colors and drawing.

Most of the details are in at this point.
 Just a few finishing touches and all that will be left to do is the type on the sign.
I don't usually paint type in my paintings because it stands out so much.
Done. In keeping with how I wanted to approach this painting, I didn't o crazy and try and put in too many details. Instead I let my brush strokes do the talking along with the color.
 Details from the painting.

Framed and ready to go.

"The Fish Market"
By James Swanson/ Traveler Linda Hanlon
16"x 20"Oil on Canvas
This painting was a very fun and challenging one to do. Painting fish I knew would be fun to do and the price signs not a much. My big thanks goes out to my old college friend Linda for providing me with this challenge. I am also glad that this painting will be traveling back to it origins and to Linda. Thanks again.
And if you have been some place interesting lately and have a story to tell contact me here or at www.theartistandthetraveler,org.
Until next time, see ya.

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  1. Love this blog post! Great painting!


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