"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson

"Sour Milk Gill" Oil Painting by James Swanson
"Sour Milk Gill" From the award winning painting series.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Show Must Go On.

For the last two years as the artist for this painting project, I've been working on molding an idea that is simple in concept, but with a twist. 
"Venetian Gondolas" Traveler Jim Myers
I've been trying to see if I can put together a world travel puzzle using paint and a brush and not leave the studio. 
"Skipool, UK" Traveler Rob Mc Ewen, UK
With the help of today's technology, friends, and Travelers from around the world sharing their photos and stories with me, it all came together in the first showing of the project at the UIC Gallery in Chicago.
"Baskerville" Traveler Paul Spiring, UK
 Here is what the first showing of The Artist and the Traveler looked like.
"Jill" Traveler Dustin Shoenfeld, NY
Next to each painting is is a little blurb about how I met the Traveler along with their picture and the photo that inspired the painting. 

"The Local" Traveler Eric Praetzel, Canada

"Bridge over Lancater Canal" Traveler Dave Brown, UK

"Winter Trees" Traveler Tom Drennen, Chicago

"Winter Haystack, Austria" Helmut Huddler, Austria

"A Long Wait" Traveler Pastor Rick Craig, ND

"Orta Lago" Traveler Anna Tino, Italy

"Waltham Farm" Traveler Angela Espin, UK 

"The Pentlands" Traveler Dave Henniker, Scotland

Grand Junction horse Farm" Traveler James Swanson, Chicago
Top "The Hunters" Jim Abrahamson, IL
Middle "Sour Milk Gill" Traveler Ian Warner, UK
Bottom " Beachwood at Half Moon Bay" Traveler Barry Parr, CA

"Vernazza" Traveler Jim Myers

"Looking up Nice" Traveler Marco Bonetti, Italy

"St Andrews" Traveler Garry, UK

"Road to Glencoe" Traveler Eric Praetzel, Canada

"Time Traveler of Loch Ness" Traveler Taylor Dundee, Scotland

"Mulroy Bay, 1983" Traveler Larry Lannan, IL

"Meeting in Venice" Traveler Ash Mishra, Canada

"The Day Begins" Traveler Steven Procter, UK
This show was up at the UIC Gallery in Chicago from February-March and was a good start for this project. 
I want to thank all the Travelers and friends for being a part of this project and show, and to all the folks who went through and saw the show and wrote such nice comments about it.  Thanks, they were greatly appreciated. 
Now back to painting and finding new Travelers. Next up India 

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